Friday, May 05, 2006

What I installed on my new latop...

Got a new latop. What software did I install?

  • Firefox and Thunderbird - I've been using Mozilla up to this point, but Firefox is where all of the plugin action is at, so I've now switched.
  • Microsoft Office 2003 - I had been happy with Office 97 up until now - but people keep telling me to check out Powerpoint templates from this decade, so I've upgraded.
  • Eclipse - the development environment of choice in our shop. A good little memory hog, but with a gig of ram, it's all good.
  • GoogleEarth - I'm sure they didn't realize it when they made it, but this software is perfect for figuring out how far I am jogging after I come back from a run.
  • GoogleSketchUp - I wanted to see how well it would work with the pen - pretty well over all.
  • Putty - ssh client of choice.

To be put on as soon as I have a moment:

  • gvim - my non-Eclipse editor or choice.
  • cygwin - grep, find, csh - who needs all that pointing and clicking.
  • Perl - great for text file massaging.
  • Soldat - a great game for someone who gets motion sick playing FPS. Probably unplayable with my trackpad vs. the trackpoint, but perhaps the pen will make for an interesting interface


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