Thursday, October 27, 2005

MiteSite Chat (Tiny AJAX Chat...)

Here's the first MiteSite - MiteSite Chat. Consider it beta and it may work / fail / be gone at any given moment. I've been playing around with this for the past week. It's interesting because there is nothing better than chatting to generate lots of dynamic data. This will be an excellent test of our server framework that Alcea Fast BugTrack and Alcea Fast IssueTrack are built on. There is almost certainly going to be browser compatibility issues. I don't have a Mac lying around, and suspect it won't work. I'll be grabbing Opera in the morning for a quick test there.

This is in a skyscraper sized space, but could be reconfigured for large banner space.

Hoping to get the team to help me beautify this a bit.

Note the icon in the left allows for the MiteSite to be "torn-off" so that the user can browse to a different site, while continuing to interact with the MiteSite.

I'll be on and off this the next couple of days. Would be interested in knowing peoples thoughts.


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